Shaping the Future of Intelligence Gathering

Toka develops groundbreaking intelligence gathering technologies that empower
law enforcement and intelligence agencies to strengthen homeland security.


About Toka

Toka Empowers Government Agencies with Unprecedented Capabilities to Effectively Fight Terror and Crime

In the fight against terror and crime, effective intelligence is the difference between success and failure, life and loss.

Law enforcement and security agencies need increased operational sophistication to make actionable decisions with speed and accuracy—and with minimal risks and errors.

Toka unlocks the vast opportunities created by today’s digitally-connected world, leveraging advanced cyber technologies to help agencies enhance their operational effectiveness and ultimately, save lives.

Our Products

Groundbreaking Intelligence Gathering Platforms

Toka builds targeted and lawful intelligence gathering platforms to effectively gather intelligence from various sensors.

The platforms suit multiple use cases and scenarios, including targeted intelligence, forensic investigations, covert operations and public emergencies.

These first-of-their-kind software platforms are simple to use, scale quickly, and offer complete operational control to enable smarter, faster, and easier investigations and operations.


Our Services

National level Cyber Capacity Building for Governments

A strong national cyber defense and resilience are the keys to protecting any country’s systems, people and digital economy from dynamic threats.

Toka unique Cyber Designers services provide agencies with the full-spectrum strategies, customized projects and technologies needed to keep critical infrastructure, the digital landscape, and government institutions secure and durable, while adhering to leading industry-recognized security standards.

Toka has been selected by the World Bank as well as for the Inter-American Development Bank, to lead national level cyber strategy and capacity building projects in Africa and Latin America.



Our Investors

Toka is backed by world-class investors

Our Leadership Team

Toka was co-founded by four leaders with unparalleled experience in the political, military, and corporate worlds:

Brig. General (Ret.) Yaron Rosen

Co-Founder, President & CRO

Kfir Waldman

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Alon Kantor

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Ehud Barak

Co-Founder, Director

Nir Peleg

VP Strategic Projects

Michael Volfman


Michael Anderson

VP Global Sales

Our People

What Makes us Different

Our team at Toka includes technology experts who have first-hand field experience along with a deep understanding of the Intelligence gathering domain and the complex challenges facing our customers.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and ‘out of the box’ thinking to design the most innovative and advanced technologies to tackle these challenges, helping our customers stay ahead in the game.


Toka Launches to Help Strengthen Countries’ Cyber Defenses

July 15, 2018

All-star founding team raises $12.5 million in funding from global top-tier investors


Toka is Advising Nigeria on its National Cyber Security

February 24, 2020

Toka is now serving as an advisor to Nigeria’s government under a project to design and bolster the country’s national cyber resilience



Toka Selected by Chile and Inter-American Development Bank to Support Chile’s National Cyber security Readiness

May 19, 2020

The IDB-funded project will help Chile respond to emerging cyber security threats

Toka, the cyber capacity-building company, announced today that it has raised $12.5 million in seed funding to help governmental agencies tasked with keeping their citizens and government institutions safe transform their cyber-defenses. Toka will design and help these agencies build a unique cyber strategy and suite of software products.

The investors include: Andreessen Horowitz, Eclipse, Entrée Capital, Dell Technologies Capital, Launch Capital, and Ray Rothrock, CEO of cyber analytics firm RedSeal.



The company was selected by the World Bank for the project to enhance Nigeria’s cyber development.

Toka recently participated in a series of meetings with stakeholders in the Nigerian capital to discuss the challenges facing the country’s cyber ecosystem.


Toka has been selected by the Government of Chile and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to advise Chile on next steps for the country’s national cybersecurity readiness and operational capacity building. Toka will assess current cybersecurity gaps and challenges in Chile and support the IDB project implementation by recommending specific cybersecurity readiness improvements.