February 24, 2020

Toka is Advising the World Bank on National Cyber Security

The company was selected by the World Bank for the project to enhance Nigeria's cyber development. A team from Toka recently participated in a series of meetings with stakeholders in the Nigerian capital to discuss the challenges facing the country's cyber ecosystem.

Israeli firm Toka is now serving as an advisor to Nigeria‘s government under a project to design and bolster the African country’s national cyber resilience.

The cyber security company was selected by the World Bank, which is funding the project to assist Nigeria’s cyber development, including national frameworks, technical capabilities and enhancement of skills.

“Toka will be providing best practice and strategic recommendations in the areas of cyber institutions and governance, technical and operational implementation as well as capacity building across government for the short and medium-term,” the company said February 17 in a press release.

The company recently met with public and private sector stakeholders in the Nigerian capital Abuja to discuss the state of the African country’s cyber ecosystem. The Nigerian Computer Emergency Response Team hosted the meetings, the press release said.

Toka CEO Yaron Rosen was quoted as saying “We are proud to play an integral role in the World Bank’s strategic global effort by providing recommendations to the Government of Nigeria on strengthening its national cyber defense capabilities, and preparing for the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.”

“Designing and building sustainable and robust national cyber security and cyber resilience is a critical enabler to fulfilling the objectives of Nigeria’s national cyber security policy and strategy framework,” he said.

According to the company, Toka helps government agencies protect their critical infrastructures, citizens and digital landscapes.

Toka with Nigeria’s national cyber security
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