Introducing a powerful new method of digital forensics and intelligence gathering

Combat terrorists And criminals

Law enforcement and security agencies use various tools to gather the intelligence needed to combat terrorists and criminals. But obtaining meaningful intelligence has always been operationally challenging as many traditional methods require a significant amount of workforce and resources and even maintain physical access that embed countless risks of friction and not always available.


Toka harnesses the power of IoT innovation to develop seamless end-to-end cyber platforms, allowing governments agencies to gather the insight needed to act faster and more efficiently, while utilizing their resources.


Every solution we build is no less than a game changer for your organization, allows to significantly enhance your operational outcomes
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Reduce risk

Bypass the risks of physical tools with a seamless software platform
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Simple to use

Designed for users without previous technical experience
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Full picture

Accelerate your investigations and operations with digital evidence and real-time critical intelligence
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Designed for the Future

Access previously untapped sources from fast growing parts of the digital landscape
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Scale up

Our solutions enable endless scale, generating a strategic effect on operations and the organization
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no traces

Operate covertly and leave behind minimal-to-zero signs of infection, infiltration and reconnaissance
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Field Tested

Working closely with our customers and design partners, our solutions are proven to operate in real-world scenarios
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Cost Effective

Our practical tools ensure you reach better results with minimal workforce and resources, allowing you to support more missions


Unprecedented capabilities for smarter, faster, and easier investigations and operations

Forensic Investigation
Facilitate Investigations Speed, Effectiveness, and Quality

When investigating a crime, law enforcement agencies must determine who did what, when the incident occurred, and how it was accomplished, among other factors, while staying in line with staff and budgetary requirements.

To do so, they need access to historic local intelligence that can reveal the truth and provide the required evidence. Toka’s advanced software enables agencies to engage in warrant-based intelligence gathering to uncover meaningful intelligence from untapped, yet highly effective IoT sensors and devices within minutes, for faster, smarter, more efficient crime solving.

Targeted intelligence
Complete the Intelligence Picture

Whether it’s an ongoing mission or an emergent situation, teams need to collect meaningful and reliable intelligence, quickly and effectively.

Toka helps agencies add valuable intelligence of their adversaries using cyber technologies, from IoT sensors that are operationally demanding but technologically challenging to access and scale. As such, our solutions save up to weeks of effort, during time-sensitive and high-stakes campaigns, while ensuring safer, easier, and lower-risk resolutions.

Covert operation
Stay Concealed to Increase Operational Success

Planning and executing a covert operation requires patience and precision to minimize the risk of exposure while fulfilling mission objectives.

Toka technology mitigates the risk of exposure, allowing your team in the field to remain covert to maximize operational efficiency.