Toka's Frequently Asked Questions

Toka Empowers Government Agencies with Unprecedented
Capabilities to Effectively Fight Terror and Crime


What is Toka’s vision?

To empower nations and government agencies on their mission to preserve peace and keep citizens safe and defend against terror and evolving cyber threats.

What does Toka do?

Today’s digitally connected world offers vast opportunities – as well as risks. Toka helps nations stay ahead of threats thanks to groundbreaking intelligence-gathering and digital forensics software platforms. In addition, Toka’s national-level projects, services, and strategic advice help governments build an integrated cyber defense and resilience.

What products does Toka offer?

Toka provides software-based platforms for intelligence-gathering and digital forensics. Toka’s products help defense and law enforcement agencies unlock the opportunities offered by the IoT landscape.

Who uses Toka’s products?

Toka provides products exclusively to Tier 1 countries. Specifically, Toka uses the Fraser Institute’s and Cato Institute’s Human Freedom Index and Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index to guide its product decisions.

What services does Toka provide?

Toka offers the full-spectrum cybersecurity strategies, tailored projects, and technological capabilities that government agencies need to secure critical national infrastructure and the digital landscape.

Who benefits from Toka’s services?

Toka helps trusted governments gather previously unavailable intelligence using novel methods and technologies. Toka’s cyber capacity building services help national leaders and critical infrastructure organizations develop and execute full-scale cyber durability strategies and customized projects to protect resources and the public as a whole. Toka has been selected by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank to support projects around the world.

When was Toka founded?

Toka was founded in 2018

Who founded Toka?

Toka was co-founded by leaders with years of experience in the strategic, defense, and corporate worlds:

  • Kfir Waldman: the former CEO of the cyber company Kayhut and also the co-founder and CEO of Go Arc, a mobile startup. Formerly, Waldman was director of engineering at Cisco and a member of Cisco’s Israel Board of Directors.
  • Alon Kantor: former VP of business development for Check Point, which provides cybersecurity solutions to governments and enterprises globally. Led worldwide partnerships and mergers & acquisitions activity.
    Brig. General (Res.)
  • Yaron Rosen: a former Chief of Israel Defense Forces Cyber Staff, where he was the lead architect of all cyber activities. Formerly, General Rosen served in Israel’s Air Force for more than three decades, including as a pilot and as Air Division Commander.

Where is Toka based?

Toka is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in Washington, D.C., US.

How can I find out more about Toka?

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