June 30, 2021

Critical national infrastructure and assets are under attack. Toka and Commugen are ready to help

The unfortunate reality of the digital landscape today is that we don’t need to look far to find serious security breaches that threaten daily life. Hackers are pushing boundaries and showing operational scalability and increasing willingness to target critical assets and national infrastructure -- the facilities, systems, information, networks, and processes that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy.

Incidents like the ransomware attacks against Colonial Pipeline, the meat supplier JBS, and others from the past couple months, including hackers who stole information from multiple Japanese government agencies and an attack on Ireland’s national health service, show how digital disruption can quickly have real-world consequences for millions of people. Cyber threats are physical - and this is not going away.

We cannot deny the current reality: the question is not if a nation will face an attack, but rather when and if that country will have the cyber capacity and systems in place to defend itself. Keeping a country’s critical assets and national infrastructure secure and resilient in this age of new threats is paramount to the safety of citizens.

But as the use of digital tools has grown -- beyond desktop computers to the broad IoT landscape with billions of connected devices -- so have cybersecurity management challenges. Of course, there is no single solution that can instantly keep critical national infrastructure safe and address all of today’s cybersecurity threats, but a comprehensive, centralized, and customized governance risk and compliance management platform must be a starting point.

At Toka, we’re working closely with our partner Commugen to bring government agencies and companies the solutions to assess cybersecurity risks and build the readiness and resilience they need to respond to ever-changing threats. There is a growing need for national-level and inter-company Governance, Risk assessment, and Compliance (GRC) automation software. Regulation technology (RegTech) needs to help the regulators and the regulated scale their security resilience building.

The GRC Automation Platform we bring to the market builds on our strategic partner Commugen’s field proven software. The platform was chosen by the Israeli National Cyber Directorate as the national platform for supply chain risk management and organizational cyber defense, and it is deployed at dozens of the country’s leading organizations, including the Bank of Israel, local authorities, health organizations, and a third of Israel’s financial institutions.

Our GRC Automation Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution that meets the key requirements of any robust cybersecurity tool, including penetration testing and gap management. The platform uses an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, and it provides data management tools, automation, and an enhanced cybersecurity controls bank that is developed and adapted to leading cybersecurity methodologies and frameworks.

Critical national infrastructure protection requires ongoing engagement between operators, partners, complex supply chains, and regulators. And as we seek to improve public-private collaboration on cybersecurity issues, there must also be an automation of processes at scale to allow operational visibility and awareness. That’s why the platform provides a comprehensive overview of all the primary aspects of cyber threats, risks, and controls, including business unit controls and systems with open vulnerabilities.

We’re excited about the role our GRC Automation Platform is already playing to keep critical national infrastructure secure. Toka is committed to helping government agencies build an integrated cyber defense, and together with Commugen, we’re eager to share our platform and help countries protect their critical national infrastructure.